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    Unify Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

    Lead campus-wide continuous improvement initiatives through an iterative and transparent process of measuring effectiveness and student success

    Analytics is a journey and questions serve as a guide to help you explore and understand your institutional data. HelioCampus provides strategic decision support and insights to help derive value from your data to achieve a multitude of goals.

    Design and digitize curriculum maps to enable visibility into student learning

    Are you actively assessing your curriculum to ensure you are meeting student learning outcomes?

    Have you aligned your curriculum with your course, program, and institutional learning outcomes, accreditation standards and skills frameworks for more robust reporting?

    Do you have the student learning outcomes data you need to engage in meaningful conversations with colleagues to plan and design improvements?


    Engage faculty in assessing student learning outcomes right within your learning management system.

    Are faculty empowered to contribute to assessment processes in a seamless way or do they feel this work is duplicative and disconnected from their teaching and learning?

    Do you have authentic assessment of student learning in your evidence for self-studies, program review and other reports to foster continuous improvement?

    Can you link student learning outcomes to key assignments, rubric criteria and quiz questions within courses from your LMS in an automatic and seamless way?


    Assess General Education programs by employing your customized processes, including juried assessment

    Are students meeting performance goals for your general education program?

    How can you provide additional resources and support to students who are unable to meet proficiency of required coursework?

    In what ways are you providing opportunities for prior learning assessment or alternative assessment of student learning to satisfy general education requirements?


    Do you have duplicative, disconnected and underutilized technology that can be replaced by a modern interoperable platform?

    Does your data reflect your current needs for continuous improvement and re-accreditation?

    Do you have duplicative, disconnected and underutilized technology that are not serving you and that can be sunsetted for a modern interoperable platform?

    Can you easily aggregate and disaggregate your data to determine how student groups, courses and course sections are performing on institutional, general education and other outcome sets?


    “I think about having the data from all these different sources- our LMS, co-curricular and extracurricular activities… We can streamline the data collection process by having it in one place, getting it easily and quickly out of something like our learning management system into another database like HelioCampus... then we can manipulate that data and make decisions- that is where we want to go.”

    Mike Rudolph, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Lincoln Memorial University

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