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Unlock the value of your institutional data to uncover surprising connections and patterns, helping you make business decisions you can measure. By partnering with HelioCampus, you can use your data to facilitate meaningful, productive conversations like never before.

Technology alone is not enough.

HelioCampus accelerates institutional analytics at a fraction of the time and cost of doing it yourself. Our comprehensive platform-as-a-service includes everything you need to accelerate or jumpstart your analytics initiatives – cloud technology, data infrastructure, data visualization, and most importantly, a data scientist to help you put it all to work.

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A scalable cloud environment provides a secure foundation for your data platform.


An integrated data infrastructure combines a data lake, a data warehouse and reporting models to provide greater access and more efficient analysis.


Pre-built dashboards simplify complex data enabling high value analyses across the institution.


Technology alone isn't the answer — investing in data science and storytelling expertise is critical to glean insights that lead to action.

Frostburg State University

FROSTBURG STAte WEbinar recording

Learn how Frostburg State used financial aid analytics to overcome enrollment challenges.

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