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Companies combine to become the premiere institutional effectiveness and analytics provider for colleges and universities seeking to better align investments with financial and student learning outcomes. 

"The newly-combined organization will allow colleges and universities to utilize student learning outcomes data in concert with other institutional data to provide an unprecedented level of transparency. This unified view will directly support accreditation, financial sustainability and student success initiatives.” Darren Catalano, CEO, HelioCampus

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Preparing for Institutional Effectiveness 2.0: A Q&A with Darren Catalano

HelioCampus CEO shares his perspective on the institutional effectiveness evolution and the importance of combining student learning outcomes assessment data with other institutional data for long-term decision-making. Read the blog post.

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HelioCampus enables a comprehensive approach to institutional effectiveness and learner success. If you're interested in how we can support accreditation, financial sustainability and student success initiatives, let's connect. 

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Listen to a recorded webcast from Inside Higher Ed and University of Delaware: 

The last 20 months have accentuated the need for institutions to focus on long-term sustainability and plan for the future. Simultaneously, accreditation bodies are putting more pressure on institutions to show evidence of both financial sustainability and a more comprehensive view of student learning outcomes. These combined forces are expanding the role and influence of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) at colleges and universities to help demonstrate that they are delivering on their mission. 

Listen to the recording and hear Richard Reeves, Associate Vice President of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and Heather Kelly, Director of Institutional Research at the University of Delaware share their approach to analytics for institutional effectiveness, as well as how they are using data to support their accreditation process. Darren Catalano, CEO of HelioCampus and former AVP in Institutional Effectiveness at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), will also share his perspective on the evolving and expanding role of data for institutional effectiveness.

Listen to the Recording