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Transformational Analytics Strategies

Harford Community College


Four out of five people in Harford County, Maryland have a connection to Harford Community College (HCC). But, despite its critical role as an anchor institution in the region, over the last decade HCC has experienced an enrollment slowdown. In response to flagging enrollment, HCC set a goal to become a more student success-centered institution. A centerpiece of this commitment has been to build, with the help of HelioCampus, a data-centered program that will inform the institution’s enrollment, retention, and business model strategies. 

Read the case study to learn more about how HelioCampus helped HCC build an institutional analytics platform to help them transform themselves into a college of the future. 

“I have often said that I would love a crystal ball to help me make decisions. What I’ve realized is that working with HelioCampus is as close as anyone can get to a crystal ball. I’m confident our ‘crystal ball’ will help us make good decisions for this institution as we support student success and transform ourselves into the college of the future.”

Dr. Dianna G. Phillips

President, Harford Community College

A 3 Year Plan to Leverage Data Analytics:

  • Year One: Risk mitigation and removal of technical barriers.
  • Year Two: Introducing data-driven efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Year Three: Addressing cultural issues, educational decisions and business strategy.

Over a 6 month period, HelioCampus has helped:

  • Transform their Institutional Research office into an Office of Analytics and Planning;
  • Build out a data platform to collect, organize, and filter data;
  • Create and validate data models; and

  • Start visualizing data to identify trends and patterns.

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Read the Case Study